Using dice to create images with python


Magic Mirror


Previously, I had worked with the rasberrypi to create an retro bartop arcade. After making it I still had an itch to make something else with the powerful little computer.

Word Frequency Counter with R


In the csv file below I wanted to find the top 10 most common technologies used in 30 job positions in Los Angeles. Instead of doing this manually I decided to use R. Below are the steps I took.


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CV Therapy

Counseling & Wellness Center with English and Spanish text

What Was Used:

React, Firebase

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Job Tracker

Keep track of all your job applications. With maps, cover letters, calendars, and more!

What Was Used:

Ruby on Rails, Google Maps API, Custom API, React Native App

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Drink Journal

The Drink Journal was created to give you a brief overview of drinks and help you discover new ones.

What Was Used:

Ruby on Rails, Pagy, PostgresSql, S3 Buckets, Heroku

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Choco Chomp

An app based on the famous game theory game "Chomp".

What Was Used:

Swift, XCode, Mini-Max Algorithm

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Powerball Simulator

A simple powerball simulator representing many games played over a lifetime.

What Was Used:

R, Shiny, R-markdown

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Stratified Sampling

Estimating the Number of Protestors in the San Francisco Anti-War Protest.

What Was Used:

R, Stratified Sampling

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Text Destroyer

A sticker app to destroy your friends text.

What Was Used:


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A custom built bar-top arcade using a rasberrypi.

What Was Used:

Rasberry PI, Power Tools


I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Statistics from the University of California, Berkeley, and relocated to Orange County. I currently work full time as a software developer.